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LED Sign Manufacturer

Baron Sign manufacturing has made a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials to create their custom designed signage. They are now using LED (light emitting diode) illumination on all possible sign systems. LED illumination is beneficial both environmentally and economically. LEDs consume less energy, as they require a lower voltage on average 13 watts compared to florescent lights requiring 40 watts or more. LED's contain no harmful mercury or other toxic chemicals. They provide longer lasting illumination and emit less carbon dioxide than other lighting choices. LED illumination also offers a brilliant light and is often preferred to other lighting methods.

LED Benefits

Baron Sign manufacturing is setting the signage standard by creating green signs and LEED complaint signs for restaurants, hotels, airports and other businesses. They have become a "Green" role model leading the way for the signage industry. They are not only protecting the environment and taking the future into consideration but they are also maintaining their strict standards of excellence for high quality custom signs from design to installation making them the superior choice in signage.

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