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ADA Signs

ADA signs are often mistaken to be signs created strictly for the visually impaired when this is not the case. ADA complaint (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs are signs designed and fabricated to meet specific standards making them accessible for all users. Any store, business or facility that offers permanent rooms require ADA approved identifiers. This includes but is not limited to room numbers such as in the case of hotel rooms, restrooms, room functions and accessible features such as a pool or spa area rules, exits, etc.

ADA signs are designed and fabricated to meet specific requirements such as non glare sign backgrounds and characters, high contrast between characters and background, easy to read type face and proper placement. ADA signs allow all people to easily locate rooms or areas within any building without difficulty.

Baron Sign Manufacturing provides ADA compliant interior signs for multiple building types. These signs are designed and fabricated to meet ADA guidelines using only compliant materials and production methods. This type of signage is especially important for hospitals, schools, airports and high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

At Baron Sign Manufacturing the client's satisfaction is the main focus in addition to meeting local and state requirements. High quality materials, extensive custom signage knowledge and pride driven employees are what propel Baron Sign Manufacturing to meet custom signage goals with exceptional results.

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